Project Work

Software Architect, Coder

I offer short term support for a range of IT-related challenges like

  • hands-on support for coding, re-factoring, and architecture work
  • initial project development/architecture
  • technology and knowledge transfer for internal developers

I provide my own development lab infrastructure (Jenkins, Git/Hub, PC and RasPi network) for external projects.

Specialist knowledge

  • TCP/IP network development (eg. Berkeley Sockets)
  • Ethernet, WLan/WiFi, Bluetooth, serial
  • Forensic investigation tools development
  • Protocol implementation (by specs and/or reverse engineering)
  • Cross-compiling tool chains
  • Low level debugging (eg. GDB)
  • DBMS (eg. SQL, stored procedures)

Professional software engineering

  • Embedded, middleware, and operating system development
  • Database and visualisation (mainly web based)
  • Coding, trouble-shooting and testing
  • IT architecture, network design, programming lead
  • Deployment, DevOp, SysOp, and training

For discussing a particular project idea, please get in touch or drop me a message.