Random PAN Generator

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Updated: 28 Mar 2017

What It Is

Nopan is a little command line programme that prints random strings of lengths between 12 and 19 digits. Running as is, these strings should not match PAN criterea which can be checked against on public web sites as

and others.

How to Use It

By default, the first two digits of each output digits string will NOT meet criterea that make them match some IIN/BIN lists. Increasing this value (use the --help option for more info) there will me more non-matches but the chances increase that one of these random strings are valid PANs. After all, public BIN/IIN lists might be incomplete.


   nopan 100 16 | grep "^4"

which will produce some 16 digit random strings all starting with the digit 4 (Visa uses the digit 4.)


   nopan --help

for option details.

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