Virtual Cover Letter

IT Architecture, Developer

Dear IT Customer

I recommend myself as IT professional with 25+ years experience ranging from bank management consultant, CTO, IT project and line manager towards my favourite hard core coding, IT systems operations, and software development. Since the mid ‘90s I have worked with and on many IT security related projects.

I master (a couple of human and) many computer languages and paradigms striving to perfect heterogeneous solutions or systems in which each framework or language paradigm is geared towards what it can do best. This enables me to quickly adapt to an ever faster changing IT and administrative environment while still successfully heading for a - probably moving - target.

For example, when I needed a more comprehensive pen-testing tool years ago for my then customers, I developed Nessus in the public domain which is still one of the prominent tools (now owned by Tenable).

I prefer working with Unix/Linux based cross-development technologies - also targeting Windows variants that way. This effort pays off quickly by forcing a flexible architecture and different views from compilers and code interpreters for finding bugs and design errors. While this approach was not common in the 90s, with modern virtualisation tools it becomes ever more convenient as even target debugging can now be automated (well, sort of).

For roughly the last decade I developed digital forensic search tools for triage and scrutiny. These tasks involved heavy reverse engineering of mainly storage protocols so they could be efficiently searched for offending objects. I also wrote WLAN/WiFi courses for the ethical hacking training group of the company.

Thank you for your interest. I would really appreciate any kind of feedback.

Kind regards
Jordan Hrycaj